Sunday, June 4, 2017

[Matrix Placement Services] Video on How to use LinkedIn to get referrals of Various companies
Friends, I created this video so that people who are searching for job will
learn how to use LinkedIn.
Many people getting referrals through LinkedIn. You should also try it.
If you are not getting interview calls then you should try Linkedin.
When i send that particular company has job openings[with link or HR mail
id]. you try connecting to that company employees in linkedin and ask them
to refer you for that opening.
*How to use LinkedIn? Answer is here :*
Linkedin Video demo how to get referrals for various companies.
This Video(15 min) will help you in following.
How to add connections in linkedin
How to send messages to people of various companies
Video link :
LinkedIn New UI :
LinkedIn old UI :
Share this to all job seekers. It will help them

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