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[Matrix Placement Services] Important : How to update your Naukri profile to get calls/mails
First of all I am agree with this point that people get less calls from But I am not agree with this point that you are not getting a
single calls from
There might be some reasons so you are not getting calls from
• Your profile is not 100%
• Key Skills
• Single Preferred Location
• Not updating your profile.
Your profile is not 100%
Whenever I listened job seekers problem, this is my common questions which
I used to ask them what is your profile completeness % on
It should be always 100% other your profile will be not be visible to all
the IT Recruiters/HR. So make your profile 100%. For completing 100%
profile, might be it required your photo to upload, then upload it, might
be it required to verify your mobile number then verify it, might be it
required to update your project details, then update your college project
details. Whatever information is required that you can see on the Top-right
side of your profile.
Key Skills:
A Recruiter/HR used to search the profile by key skills on So
my suggestion is keep all the technical skills in your profile
Key Skills: Core Java, J2EE, JavaScript, JQuery, Hibernate, Spring,, MVC, C, C++, Manual Testing, Selinium, SQL, Oracle 11g, HTML, CSS.
You can keep the same technical skills in your resume also. If you know any
other technical skills you can add.
We are BE/BTech, MCA passed out , so we know how to prepare if call letter
will come to other technology which I don't know. We can prepare that much
so we can able to clear the interview. And 100% I am giving surety that
company will give you training before taking work from you so don't worry.
If you know 1 technology then you easily move to other technology.
Please don't keep this kind of attitude "you have done java and you will go
for java interview only". sometime this kind of attitude can allow you to
wait for a job.
Single Preferred Location.
if you will check your profile then it might be you have select only single
preferred location. But you can keep maximum 3 Preferred location.
Keep minimum 3 preferred location whatever you like Delhi/NCR, Hyderabad,
Update your Profile:
You should update your profile 2 times in a day. Because updated profile is
more visible to Recruiter/HR.
People used to ask what to update:
Go to My Naukari-> click on Edit -> Click on Save. : your profile got
updated. This thing you have to do only.
You can update your profile morning between 10:00-11:00 AM first time and
2nd time 1:00-2:00 PM.
If you are not going any drive then at least follow this time, but if you
are outside then you can do it whenever you get time.
Resume Headline: you can keep your resume headline like. Change your branch
if your branch is different.
BTech Graduate in Computer Science background, having strong knowledge in
Core Java, J2EE, JavaScript, JQuery, Hibernate, Spring,, MVC, C,
C++, Manual Testing, Selinium, SQL, Oracle 11g, HTML, CSS.

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