Monday, November 30, 2015

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Hello Job Seeker, There have been no new jobs matching your chosen search
criteria within the last 24 hours. Did You Miss Our Online Event? #jobsQ Live
Video Hangout: 'PhD Options: Doing a PhD in Germany' Watch the recording to find
out: What routes there are to doing a doctorate in Germany How to find PhD
opportunities and choose a supervisor How to get access to a fully funded PhD
How to compose a good application What the reality is like for PhD researchers
in Germany including living costs, relocating tips, support networks and
learning Universities and research institutions in Germany are among the best in
the world and each year 4,000 international candidates complete a PhD in
Germany. In terms of investment in research, Germany stands out from all other
European countries, including the UK. Germany has over 140 doctorate awarding
higher education institutions, many of which don't charge tuition fees, and
numerous prestigious and well-equipped research organisations.  Many
institutions have well-established support programmes for international
researchers and, most importantly, doctoral students can write their thesis in
English. With a wealth of other benefits including a rich and diverse culture,
beautiful countryside, comparatively low cost of living and excellent transport
links to the rest of Europe, Germany is a destination well worth considering. To
help you explore the opportunities in Germany, held a  60-minute
live video event via a Google+ Hangout called 'PhD Options: Doing a PhD in
Germany'. You can watch a recording of the event here. You are subscribed to
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